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Edward Pio

Ed-Pio-218Edward Pio

International Mind Body Institute

Theta Brain Wave Technique and Yoga Nidra Meditation Classes

Edward Francis Pio is a resident of Carmel Valley, California, USA and the founder and Executive Director of the International Mind Body Institute. He has forty-nine years’ experience teaching medical hypnosis, self-hypnosis, The Theta Brain Wave Technique, and Yoga Nidra Meditation to health professionals, individuals, and private groups. Over 35,000 students have taken his live or home-study courses worldwide, includ­ing 760 men in Soledad Prison, located in Central California. He has lectured and taught internationally on cruise ships and in Mexico, China, and Russia.

“I worked at a convalescent hospital on the night shift for many years. I had three strokes and had to retire. After several years of trying to sleep at night, I gave up the idea of ever sleeping at night. I was tired all the time, ached with arthritis pain all over my body, and was having trouble with balance when walking. I saw an ad in a local paper about an upgrade-your-life work­shop and attended. During the Theta Brain Wave session, I experienced my first rest, physi­cally and mentally, in years. After the session, my overall body pain was reduced fifty percent. So I signed up for the Training. By the time that I completed the course, I was sleeping regularly from 11:00 pm till 7:00 am, most of the time was out of pain, and my balance was restored.” ~Elena Madena“….and by the third week of the Training, my blood pressure was back to normal, and I did not have to take any drugs to do it.” ~Eva Reiter, RN“I was having migraines four or five times a month, some so painful that I had to go to ER for pain medication. On the fourth week of the Training, I was given the sensory imaging procedure for stopping the migraines in the early-symptom stage. After several applications of the procedure, I have been migraine free for over a year.” ~Beth Polson

“I graduated in veterinary medicine from a university in another country. After I moved to California, I had to take the state examination, which I failed my first two times. I took the Training and studied, using a memory and reten­tion program. I passed the examination on my third try.” ~Nadia Coleman, DVM

“Focus is important in my work as a therapist. I found myself unable to focus, and each day it was getting worse. I found the Training very helpful in removing brain fog and getting me back on track.” ~Wayne Hasse

“I have an autoimmune disease that was com­pletely debilitating until I took the Training and started practicing Yoga Nidra every day. Now most of the time, I can function like a normal human being and look forward to attracting joy and happiness in my life.” ~Arthur Palacio