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How Does Sugar Affect Our Immune System?

How Does Sugar Affect Our Immune System?

In a world where we can get all kinds of information instantaneously, it is often confusing and overwhelming to discern the truth about what really matters. This is no less true regarding what makes for truly healthful, safe food and nutrition. Pollution is everywhere in our environment. Smog, chemical runoff, outdoor allergens, and more threaten your and your family’s health. When it comes to toxic contaminants, the food you are eating may be among the worst offenders. Therefore, it is quite important to give our bodies, our 75+ trillion cells, all the nutrients they require daily and in a form that is easily usable, i.e., bioavailable. One of the difficulties in obtaining and eating delicious, safe, high quality food is trying to avoid and eliminate excess refined sugars.

What is the big deal about consuming too much refined sugar? Four grams of sucrose, table sugar, equals one teaspoon.
6  teaspoons of sugar will decrease the immune function by 25%
10 teaspoons of sugar will decrease the immune system by 50%
24 teaspoons of sugar will decrease the immune system by 92%

The amount of sucrose and/or high fructose corn syrup in an average candy bar and a soft drink is enough to suppress the immune system for up to 6 hours! The average U.S. American child consumes about 340 grams, or ¾ pound of sugar daily. Hmmmm. What affect might that have upon a child who is exposed daily to all kinds of bacteria and viruses in the classroom and in the home? Perhaps this gives us something to think about.

While it may seem overwhelming, and even impossible, to limit and eliminate excess refined sugar  in our daily diets, practitioners at our Wellness Planning Institute have found easy, affordable, and FUN ways to provide nutrition that meets our body’s critical daily needs. Come by at 950 Cass Street, Suite A, Monterey, California 93940 and find out which ways can work for you and your loved ones.