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How Do Magnetic Health Devices Work?

How Do Magnetic Health Devices Work?

The use of magnets for promoting good health has been commonplace for over 4000 years. For example, during the reign of Emperor Huang Ti (2550 B.C.), magnetic lode stones were used to treat yin and yang imbalances. These are the foundations of modern energy medicine. Hindu text from around1500 B.C. describes the treatment of diseases with magnetic instruments. In the 1500s, William Gilbert, the Court Physician to the Queen of England, treated his patients with magnets. Research and new treatments with evermore sophisticated magnets have continued until today all over the world.

Some common uses for these magnetic devices include the reduction of various physical discomforts, such as intractable pain, the reduction of healing time of bone fractures, and the decrease of recovery times of injuries in both large and small animals.

Properly designed magnets have been found to:

  • increase blood flow
  • balance one’s blood and cellular pH
  • stimulate enzymatic activity
  • speed up the migration of serum calcium to help heal nerve tissue and bones
  • rebuild dead nerves
  • help break down scar tissue
  • release toxins for excretion
  • enlarge blood vessel diameter and reduce inflammation
  • reduce pain by modulating pain receptors, and
  • keep cells healthy

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