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Administrative Assistant

The Executive Director’s Administrative Assistant reports to the Executive Assistant.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrates effective administrative support to the Executive Assistant and to the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Responsible for, but not limited to:
    • Word processing and transcription of verbal and handwritten documents and hard and soft copies of information
    • Supporting and completing Microsoft Word correspondence
    • Operating of MS Word to format large documents and contracts, complete with headers, tables and unique style requirements
    • Developing Excel reports
    • Photocopying, faxing, mailing and filing
    • Maintaining hardcopy and electronic filing systems
    • Processing and receiving FedEx/UPS/Airborne shipping
    • Answering telephones with professionalism congruent with WPICCC philosophy and values
    • Meeting and greeting clients and visitors with professionalism congruent with WPICC philosophy and values
    • Supporting the Executive Assistant in maintaining the WPICCC calendar and setting meeting arrangements using Excel
    • Supporting the Executive Assistant in creating, transcribing and distributing the meeting agendas and minutes per guideline timeframes
    • Supporting the Executive Assistant to effectively coordinate event details and logistics
    • Supporting and/or setting up accommodations and entertainment arrangements for WPICCC guests
    • Supporting the coordination of travel arrangements
    • Assisting with PowerPoint presentations
    • Assisting the Executive Assistant with the training and cross-training of clerical and administrative support team members reporting to the position
    • Supporting project-based work
    • Supporting the maintenance of hard and soft copies of the WPICCC Policy and Procedure Manual
    • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Assistant
  • Supports the Executive Assistant in collaborating with the team members of Human Resources, Finance, Information Systems, Facilities Management, and Project Managers.
  • Supports the Executive Assistant in maintaining relationships and communications with representatives of public and private agencies in order to promote timely cooperation among organizations with interests and concerns similar to WPICCC’s.
  • Assists in the collaboration with WPICCC volunteers, staff persons, and contractual providers.
  • Assists in maintaining a trusting, team-oriented climate where interdependent collaboration is understood to be required for success:
    • in which communication is open
    • staff members help each other
    • conflicts are quickly resolved
    • newcomers are supported, and
    • agreed-on standards are observed through self-discipline
  • Accepts responsibility for continuing self-development in order to maintain high standards of competency and recency with increasing professionalism.
  • Promotes and supports diversity and professionalism in the workplace and promotes WPICCC’s value of inclusiveness both internally and externally.
  • Supports and accompanies staff members on exploratory visits in the field to meetings with volunteers, and as deemed necessary or requested by the Executive Assistant.