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Executive Director

The Executive Director reports to the Chief Executive Officer and oversees at least one and not more than five administrative staff persons.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for raising initial and subsequent funds within established timeframes for the administration, management, and development of WPICCC.
  • Responsible for the identification, recruitment, orientation, training, and retention of medical and non-medical contractual leadership and volunteer leadership. Develops and provides overall staff support to the local Board of Directors. The result should be a group with sufficient community influence and personal affluence so that ample funds can be generated to assure the ongoing viability of the Wellness Planning Institute.
  • Responsible for working with specialized staff who serve the designated five counties. Coordinates approaches to constituencies throughout the Central Coastal areas. Creates a trusting, team-oriented climate where interdependent collaboration is understood to be required for success and in which communication is open, staff members help each other, conflicts are quickly resolved, newcomers are supported, and agreed-on standards are observed through self-discipline. Monitors adherence to best practices and cultivates relationships to expand community resources.
  • Responsible for: the overall operations of the office including coordination of planning consistent with WPICCC’s direction; the recommendation, monitoring, and control of a cost center budget; the administration of personnel for exempt and non-exempt staff members; and assuring adherence to administrative procedure and WPICCC policy. Authorizes certain appropriate and allowable expenses.
  • Directly responsible for the overall field campaign income for the office, accepting bottom-line accountability for all aspects of the campaign, including designated annual and quarterly events.
  • Assists in the development of WPICCC administrative procedure and policy.
  • Assists in the development of job descriptions for staff members, volunteers and contractual providers.
  • Establishes and maintains relationships and communications with representatives of other public and private agencies in order to promote timely cooperation among organizations with interests and concerns similar to WPICCC’s.
  • Works in collaboration with volunteers to drive local programs and cause initiatives within targeted communities.
  • Implements WPICCC and Affiliate policies and standards, and interprets them to the Board of Directors, other volunteers, the public, staff members, and other groups, individuals, or organizations. Recommends operational changes or management approaches needed to enhance the operational, fund raising, communications, program, advocacy, and administrative efficiency of the office.
  • Accepts responsibility for continuing self-development in order to maintain high standards as a professional.
  • Promotes and supports diversity and professionalism in the workplace and promotes WPICCC’s value of inclusiveness both internally and externally.
  • Accompanies staff members on exploratory visits in the field to meetings with volunteers, as deemed necessary or requested.