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About Our CEO

sherry-doctor-feltenPractitioner: Sherry Doctor Felten, RN, MSN, PHN, FCN

PO Box 1021 Monterey CA 93942
Office: 831-334-7584
Fax: 831-646-5483
Cell: 831-334-7584






Registered Nurse
Public Health Nurse
Faith Community Nurse
B.S. Nursing & PHN certificate: CA State University, Sacramento
M.S. Nursing: University of Phoenix, San Jose, CA
B.A. Biology: University of CA, Riverside
B.A. Spanish: University of CA, Riverside
CA Credentialed Teacher and Financial Analyst


Air Quality Education Fat Loss / Fat Mgmt. – Bod-E & hCG
Hydration & Water Quality Education Bella Vita Cleansing & Detoxification
Sleep Management Heart Testing – CASP / BPro
Bio-magnetic Energy Education Bone Density Scans
Nutrition Consultation Exercise Programs
Genetic Testing Post-Stroke Recovery
Genetically Formulated Skin Care Post-Surgical Recovery
Genetically Formulated Nutrition General Health Advocacy

Personal Insights

Sherry Doctor Felten, RN, MSN, PHN, FCN, biologist, financial analyst, and California credentialed teacher, has performed as the CEO, as well as one of the key practitioners of the Wellness Planning Institute of the California Central Coast, LLC since its inception in 2005. The Institute has been at its present location in Monterey, California as of August 2010. WPICCC is a wellness collaborative that is committed to the study, application, articulation and teaching of the science of wellness in order to reduce and relieve human suffering though the enhancement of personal wellness of mind, body, soul, spirit and resources.

Ms. Felten is a registered nurse who has extensive experience in the areas of critical care, emergency, post open heart surgery, medical-surgical, home care, hospital management, public health, as well as state government health, teaching, and faith community nursing. Ms. Felten assists clients of the Institute to design an individualized wellness plan of care based on their specific needs, desires, and nursing assessments results. Her practical and professional knowledge, combined with her compassion and appreciation for each of her clients, allow her to provide a combination of highly effective resources, expertise, and support for enhancing their health and well-being. Ms. Felten continues her passionate commitment to learn all she can about the human body: how and why people get sick, how people get well, and especially, how people STAY well. This deep commitment led her in 2005 to envision and create the Wellness Planning Institute of the California Central Coast (WPICCC), LLC in Monterey, California. She conducts group and private presentations and consultations as part of the Institute’s educational program, lecturing across the United States on a variety of health and wellness topics.


I came to WPICCC for care when I had two ulcers on the shin of my left leg. I had seen doctors about the ulcers for over two years. I followed Sherry’s recommendations and the ulcers healed in one week! Also, I replenished my system and reversed the dehydration that I had been experiencing. My energy improved tremendously. I planted in my garden, something I hadn’t been able to do for the past five years! Thank you for your encouragement and care.

Thank you for being the blessing you are to all who know you!
Seth and Kenji

For the inspiration you bring, many thanks! …also for the many things you do that brighten people’s day, and for your strong and gentle spirit. Thank you.

As a business owner providing elite administrative support and office management, I highly recommend Sherry’s services to any company or individual needing her keen sense of knowledge in her varied fields of service. The main ingredient that enabled Sherry and me to work so closely together over many years is our shared respect for organization, utmost confidentiality, compliance with industry standards and regulations, and adherence to a high code of ethics. For almost twenty years I have witnessed Sherry’s respect for the individual in a variety of work settings, as well as in more personal settings with family and friends. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Sherry Felten to anyone desiring her services.